Golf Rival : The Complete Guide For 2020

golf rival guide

Golf rival is an online multiplayer game consists of a lot of professional, realistic golf equipment to give you an extraordinary golf experience. Created by GR Sports Club, the game consists of all the qualities and features to keep the players glued to it for a long time.

To help you out clear the most unexpected levels, here we have a guide for all the users who wants to know about the gameplay of the game. Here, we have some Golf Rival tips and tricks to earn coins in the game.

The Complete Guide For Golf Rival Game in 2020

Your Golf Ball Properties

Before moving on to the main game, first, a player should know about the features of the various balls available in the game. It is recommended to identify the elements of your game first so that you can use the ball in the right manner at the right moment, and the purpose of its properties can be fulfilled.

These Golf Rival guides will help you in choosing a ball in the game as the game allows you to change the ball in the middle of the game. Following are the characteristics of each category of ball available in the game:


                    Ball              Properties
1.      Kangaroo balls Helps increases the elasticity of the ball
2.      Iron Balls Helps in reducing the elasticity of the ball
3.      Bat balls Helps in reducing the wind effect on the ball
4.      Dandelion balls Helps in increasing the wind effect of the ball
5.      Mummy balls Helps in increasing power inside a bunker
6.      Viper balls Helps in increasing power on rough terrain
7.      Gecko balls Helps in increasing the power on top of the slope


Fix Your Aim

Golf is all about fixing your target, and so does that apply here as well. In golf rival, it is always better to set your goal well before striking as it is your first step towards getting a strike. Fixing your target is a must, as whenever you hit a shot, many factors will affect your landings like wind and power.

So it is better to keep a check on all these factors first so that you can plan your shot. Either there will be rough terrain or a sloppy one. And both of them have a different impact over the ball.

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Rough terrain will make the ball bounce more, and it will require a lot of force, whereas a sloppy one will not require much power and the flow will be swifter.

Aim Higher

Always aim higher in golf rival. This way you will not require any Golf Rival Generators and Golf Rival Mod Apks to earn Unlimited Gems. The game will always try to fool you by telling you about the recommended length. But do not let the game decide your shots. Always try to choose the target as farthest as possible as it will help you earn more coins and will make your shot more clearly.

Strike Harder

The biggest twist in golf rival is the blue needle which appears at the time of the strike. But to tackle this, all you need to do is just hit as hard as possible. In this all you need to do is fool your opponents by confusing them your move.

When you take shot fast, it will become impossible for him to deal with your shot. It will be a bit tough to tame the blue needle at first, but as soon as you get familiar with it, it will become easy for you.

Focus On The Stats

Stats are vital here claim victory in golf rival. There are many factors like wind and power, which play a significant role in the movement of the ball. Always keep a check on the wind and power icons on the screen before planning your move.

If the wind level is lower, you will require to hit the ball harder to make it reach the target, and if it is higher, then it will need just a small push. Overall we can say, these factors are crucial for the strike.

Play Arena Matches

Start playing the arena matches and upgrade your level. If you want to enjoy the most in the game, the arena tournaments are the best shot to do so. You will unlock more rewards when you win. Improve your stat in the leader board, and you will receive more perks and club cards.

Final Words

Golf Rival is an original golf game that can fulfil your astonishment in playing it on mobile. You need not spend anything if you follow our guides above. As a beginner all you need to download the game from a legit source and play it free.